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Are walks with your dog becoming less pleasurable due to choking from its collar and leash? Has your vet voiced concern over trachea damage? Frustrated with ill-fitting and awkward harnesses? Searching for something unique that offers unparalleled fit, ease of use, and comfort?

If so, we invite you to discover the benefits of using the Rope-N-Go Hardware-Free Pet Harness. It's safe, smart, and easy! View our product catalog for more information.



Rope-N-Go Hardware-Free Pet Harness is seeking a licensee of its US Patent 6,397,784.

With a proven market in Japan, as well as a loyal following in the US, the potential for this versatile harness is enormous. Please direct all correspondence to info@ropengo.com. Brokers are welcome.

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The Rope-N-Go is available in 4 individual sizes. Selecting the correct size is easy!

  1. Using a flexible tape, measure the circumference of your pet's girth directly behind the front legs.
  2. Choose your size based on the information below.
  3. Please provide your pet's description, girth circumference, and weight, as this is very helpful to us during the order process. This can either be emailed to us at info@ropengo.com, or left in the comment section during checkout.

Extra Small Toy (up to a 17" girth)

The same smart design in a smaller diameter rope. Suggested for delicate toy breeds, puppies, cats and other small critters with up to a 17" girth. Note: If your pet is delicate but has a girth size larger than 17", we can customize the harness for it. Simply let us know, either during checkout or email.

Small (10" to 24" girth)

This is the original size we developed for our Jack Russells. A good fit for dogs of similar stature, or any shorter legged pet with a girth up to 24". Note: If your pet fits in this category but has a girth size larger than 24", we can customize the harness for it. Simply let us know, either during checkout or email.

Medium (24" to 30" girth)

This size is very flexible for broader chested or longer legged dogs. Suitable for goats and other farm animals as well, with a girth up to 30".

Large (30" to 37" girth)

We created this size especially for the really large breeds, like our Rhodesian Ridgeback model and anything else with a girth up to 37".

Fitting Your Rope-n-Go Properly